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Staying positive during difficult times!!!

The spread of COVID-19 has caused our minds to be flooded with negativity, fortunately, there is good news out there! Our goal is to shed light on some of the things we might miss due to our preoccupied minds – the POSITIVE news surrounding this virus. We are living in unprecedented times.  Our outlook may tend to take on a negative tone…I get it.  With everything we hear about how grim the future will be and how we have given up what we once knew as normal,  it’s hard to be that beacon of hope, determination and assuredness.  With all that said, we at Firehouse Bounce aim to be a beacon of light for our Family and Friends.

In order to brighten your day, take a look at Some Good News (SGN).


Weekly good news with John Krasinski is important right now. John’s YouTube Channel has taken off in the past couple weeks due to his weekly lifting up of society.

This week in Some Good News:

  • A boys birthday wish for a Jeep parade is answered
  • Captain Tom Moore receives tens of thousands of birthday cards for his 100th birthday
  • A family in Hartford that makes up for the cancellation of the Olympic games
  • Two girls in California that compliment people from their driveway
  • A man gets a lift bucket to see his wife in a nursing home on their 61st anniversary

These stories and more in this installment of Some Good News. Click here to watch this weeks episode

We’re all in this together and together, we’ll get back to normal.  We hope this video makes your day a little bit brighter.


Texas’ stay-at-home order to expire Thursday, businesses to reopen in phases starting Friday

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott detailed plans on Monday to reopen the state for business amid the coronavirus pandemic – allowing places like retail stores, restaurants and movie theaters to open up to customers at a limited capacity by Friday May 1.  Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick said wearing masks will be encouraged, but will not be required.  The move by Abbot puts Texas – the country’s second-largest economy behind California – at the forefront of the movement to reopen state economies that have been basically brought to a standstill as the U.S. grapples with the outbreak of COVID-19.  “We’re not just going to pen up and hope for the best,” Abbott said during a news conference on Monday in Austin. “We’re going to open in way that will also contain the virus and keep us safe.”

He added: “A more strategic approach is required so that we don’t open only to close down again.”  Along with retail stores, restaurants and movie theaters, Abbott said that museums and libraries can also reopen on Friday at a 25 percent capacity. Sole proprietors of businesses can also open and doctors and dentists can resume normal operations as well.

Abbott added that hospitals will still have to keep 50 percent of their capacity for patients suffering from COVID-19.  Churches and places of worship, which were allowed to remain open during the state’s stay-at-home orders, are also allowed to expand their capacity provided safe social distancing measures are still enacted.  The governor’s plan, which he said has the backing of both state and federal health officials, is part of larger strategy in Texas to gradually reopen businesses. Abbott noted that by May 18, if there are no new spikes of contagion in Texas than he will move on to phase two of the plan, which allows businesses to operate at 50 percent capacity.

From Foxnews.com – The Associated Press contributed to this report.

We will get though this together!

Greetings Firehouse Bounce family! I wanted to take a moment to thank you all for your business and your loyalty for these last 12 years. When I purchased this company from Brent Parker 10 years ago, I was excited to continue the legacy he created with the founding of Firehouse Bounce. This company has been my passion from the first time I became involved with it. It was almost my second child! I cared for it, encouraged it, always tried to keep it pointing in the right direction and then corrected it when it went off track. I have worked hard and put in many hours and sacrificed so much for this company. The goal was and will continue to be to provide each of you with a quality product, fair pricing and a superior level of customer service .

That said, I could not be more proud to inform you that we will be here when you need us. We will be here on the other side of this terrible thing that was put into motion. We will be here to bring the fun to your events, big or small. But we could not do it and would not be here without the support of our happy customers. When you speak, we listen. That’s why we’re blessed to have such loyal, generous and kind customers.

I truly believe that this too shall pass. We are all Americans, one people, one race. The human race. I believe that if we can offer to help each other, extend a sympathetic ear and practice selflessness during the most trying time of my lifetime, we will come out of this stronger, more resilient and more united. Until then, be kind, be gentle, be considerate, be thoughtful and most of all be loving.

Firehouse Bounce loves our customers and offers our thoughts for you and your families. We cannot wait to serve you again soon.

At Firehouse Bounce, you set up the party…we’ll bring the fun!

All my best,

Luis Castillo III
Firehouse Bounce

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

As concerns surrounding the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) are rising, Firehouse Bounce wants to let you know our top priority is the health and safety of our employees, our partners and most importantly, our customers. We want to assure you that we will continue to be here to fulfill your entertainment needs. That said, our sanitizing protocols have always included a complete and thorough wipe down with Odoban, a cleaner, disinfectant and sanitizer which kills 99.99% of germs in 60 seconds. During these unprecedented times, our cleaning protocol includes a partnership with our customers to employ as safe an environment as possible.

These enhanced measures include parents ensuring that anyone entering the unit have clean hands (washed with soap or hand sanitizer), if barefoot, feet must be clean, if socks are worn, they must be clean as well. These enhanced measures will aid in protecting us all during this uncertain time.

We appreciate your loyalty and never take it for granted. We value our relationship with you and are committed to create a safe environment for your family as we navigate through this disconcerting situation together.

Firehouse Bounce

Toddler Bounce House Rental Rockwall TX

Hi Firehouse Bounce Fans! Today I want to discuss what bounces we have that are perfect for our youngest jumpers. Even our tiniest customers love jumping on our bounce house. We have a few that are geared towards little ones.

toddler bouncerOur toddler safari bounce house is the most popular bouncer for our young crowd. Toddlers love this unit because it has many fun interactive features, but the best feature is it’s open top. Parents can look over the side and see their little ones having a ball. The kids can see their parents and run over to interact with them, so this feature makes both parent and child comfortable.

As you probably have figured, our toddler safari has a jungle or animal theme. All kids love animals! The children enter the toddler safari through the mouth of a friendly tiger. Once inside they can climb up on top of the hippo to slide down. They love to show off to their parents how big they are when sliding. There is an orange tunnel to crawl through. There are little inflatable people that act like bumpers. The kids love to run into them and bounce around. There is also a mushroom to climb on as well as lots of open area in which to simply jump around and expend some energy.

Another great unit for little kiddos is our Firetruck. Boys and girls both love this unit. It is the shape of a truck, so the kids just love it! It has a slightly smaller footprint on the interior than some of the other units, which makes the toddlers more comfortable. When the bouncer is too big they tend to get overwhelmed and scared, especially if this their first time in a bounce house.

When we have mixed age groups, even the older kids get a kick out of both of these jump houses. Just make sure not to allow the ages to mix when inside the bouncer. Have the big kids jump only when the toddlers are done due to safety reasons. The big kids tend to get a bit rough for the little ones.

Please contact us personally with any questions! Happy Jumping!

Bounce House Rentals Wylie, TX

Our customers in Wylie are some of Firehouse Bounce’s very first customers. Our company was started there by one of the Wylie Fire Department Chiefs. So y’all are special because you put our business on the map. Thank you for believing in our little company!

wylie texas

Because Firehouse Bounce was started by a firefighter who serves his community, we felt it fitting to offer our customers who serve our area a discount. This discount isn’t limited to firefighters; we offer it to law enforcement, EMTs, paramedics, nurses, and military. The $25 discount is the least we can do to say thank you for taking care of our citizens. We greatly appreciate all you do for us!

Wylie is home to some beautiful parks. And, yes, we can set up any of our dry bounce houses there for you. Give us a few weeks notice and we will handle getting approval from the city.


Bounce Houses (dry only) are permitted as long as vendor provides a Certification of Liability Insurance listing the City of Wylie as insured, prior to reservation.

Attributed to: Wylie Parks and Recreation

Olde City Park and Community Park both have pavilions you can rent and have electrical outlets. If you want us to set up in a park that doesn’t have electricity, no problem. We have generators for rent to take care of that. Just be aware that the pavilions in those parks are first-come first-serve.

We have the perfect bounce houses for whatever type of event you are planning, neighborhood block party, kid’s birthday party, end of summer party, holiday celebration, or church gathering. We have many different sizes and styles, for toddlers on up to the biggest kids. They can bounce, climb, slide, splash, and have the best of times on one of our many bouncers. Just call us today!

In Wylie, you set up the party…we’ll bring the fun!

Bounce Houses with Slides for Rent

Are you planning an event for a big group of kids? If so, you may need more than just a bounce area for them to play in. We have multiple options with a bouncy area, slides, and climbing walls. We have two units that also have a ball hoop for a 4 way to entertain your kids.

When you rent a combo unit from us, you get way more than just a bounce house. The kids will have multiple activities to keep them busy. The more to do, the more they love it!

Do you rent bounce houses with an attached slide?

slide bouncerYes, we do. Our Sports and Jungle 4-in-1 combos have 4 activities, a climbing wall, slide, bouncer, and ball hoop. This can keep the kids busy for hours on end. They will run in circles getting in the unit, bouncing, then climbing up to go down the slide to the outside of the unit and back in through the front to bounce again. They will expend tons of energy, giggling all the way.

Our Happy Caterpillar and Race Car combos both have a bounce area, climbing wall, and slide. These two are both unique in their set up. Please see the pictures and videos under the rentals tab for combos. The Happy Caterpillar is one of our most popular units, so if this is the one you want you must act fast. It often rents out weeks in advance.

Do you have big inflatable slides?

giant slideYes, we have two large inflatable dry slides. They are both the exact same style, but a different color scheme. Both are 20 feet tall. Kids of all ages and adults love these giant slides. Our dry slides have a matching bounce house. If you rent the bounce house and dry slide as a combo you get a $30 discount. We also allow substitutions for the bounce house. You can choose any of the $130 bounce house to go with your dry slide to get the discounted price. What a deal!

Rent your combo as soon as possible. All of our combos are popular because the kids absolutely love them. So don’t miss out of your first choice, rent it today!

Rent a Bounce House for Girls

Is your special girl having a birthday soon? Make her birthday party a huge hit with her friends and family by renting a bounce house. Entertaining a bunch of cute, energetic girls is a piece of cake with a princess or castle inflatable. Like we always say, you set up the party…we’ll bring the fun!

Girls of all ages love our big, fun inflatables. We have some bouncers with “girl” colors, such as pink, purple, light blue and yellow for those girls that want something pretty. For coed parties, if your daughter chooses one of these cute bounce houses, don’t worry, the boys won’t mind the girly colors. All they want to do is act crazy and bounce!

princess jumpingOur Princess bounce house is a beautiful purple, pink, and sky blue castle with snow white pictured on the front. It is totally fit for your princess!

Our Castle bounce house has bright yellow, purple, and sky blue colors. To really rev up the party, rent our Castle Combo which includes a separate large slide that matches the bouncer. This combo will deliver hours of endless entertainment!

For our Little Mermaid fans, we have the awesome, bright blue and yellow Sea bounce house. This bouncer features a giant, friendly octopus. They can pretend like they are “swimming” with the fishes in the deep blue sea.

We have one more castle jumper, called the Watchtower bounce house. This one has vibrant, primary colors of red, blue, green, and yellow, making it fit for a prince or a princess. Rent the bounce house slide combo by adding the matching dry slide and your party will be one to remember!

Of course, all of our inflatables are loved by girls! Make no mistake, a bounce house will be the hit of any party! That is a guarantee!

Bounce House Rentals Royse City

Do you want to rent a bounce house in Royse City, Texas? You have come to the right place. Firehouse Bounce delivers to your town. Just go to the rentals tab on our website and look at all the choices of bouncy houses, bounce houses with slides, large dry slides, and large wet slides. We have some videos posted too, so you can see some of our inflatable lovers in action.

royse city tx

Kids of all ages, even adults love inflatables, so the entertainment part of your event will be covered. Like we say, you set up the party…we’ll bring the fun! All you need to do now is decide which one you want. There are many from which to choose, so take some time to look around at our inventory.

We have a bounce house perfect for our tiniest jumpers, called the Toddler Safari. It is a large, open top inflatable that has a tunnel and small slide. Parents love it because you can see you little one having fun and the kids love that they can see you.

For our teenage partiers, we have an Obstacle Course through which they can race. At this age, you know it’s all about competition! Teenagers also love our large dry and wet slides. For them, the bigger the better. Quite honestly, younger kids enjoy these larger inflatables too! But none of our jump houses are little; they are all big, commercial sized inflatables. Kids oooh and aaah when they see them getting inflated. They can’t wait to get in! We love to see their excited faces!

We enjoy speaking personally with our customers. Pick up the phone and give us a call to discuss your event at 214-729-4991. We are in the office during the week. On the weekends, we are generally out delivering inflatables, but often catch phone calls in between. If we aren’t available, leave us a message and we will call you back as soon as possible.

If you already know what you want and have no questions, fill out a reservation form. We take reservations on a first come, first serve basis. We will contact you with an email or phone call within 24 hours. Thank you for choosing Firehouse Bounce!

Dunk Tank Rental Rockwall

Who is going to be the lucky person that gets dunked in a cold pool of water? Will it be the birthday boy or girl? Maybe it will be your parent, teacher or principal. Whomever it is, they are in for a blast! Getting dunked on a warm summer day is fun! Everyone watching gets a kick out of watching the “dunkee” get sent into the water. You can watch them underwater through the clear plexiglass on the tank. Take some pictures or video and have a laugh later.

dunk boothWhen choosing your dunkee, keep the following rules in mind for safety. The person must be at least 4 feet tall because they have to be able to stand up in the water. The dunkee must be under 250 lbs per the manufacturer.

Set up of our dunk tank is quick. Once we place where you want it, all you have to do is fill it with water. Then it’s ready to go.

How much space do I need for the dunking booth?

When choosing a spot to place the dunk tank, keep in mind that we set up on concrete. It must be an area wide enough for a 6 foot wide trailer to fit. If there is a gate, we must be able to drive through it with the dunk tank trailer and large pickup truck. We are happy to discuss the event accommodations with you to make sure we have enough room for set up. Please contact us personally at 214-729-4991.

We guarantee that our dunk tank will be the highlight of your event. All kids LOVE to dunk their friends. Kids especially LOVE to dunk their favorite teachers. When you rent a dunk tank for your event, there will be lots of cheers and laughter!

Our dunking booth is available for rental in Rockwall, Royse City, Heath, Fate, Wylie, Sachse, Murphy, and northeastern parts of Garland. The rental fee for a 6 hour event is $200, which includes taxes, delivery, set up, and pick up. Call us today!

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