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How safe are bounce houses?

Honestly, bounce houses are as safe as the company that sets them up. What I mean by this is that the state of Texas requires each bounce house to be inspected for safety to legally operate as an inflatables business. In order to purchase liability insurance, you have to be inspected. Also there is an organization called SIOTO (Safe Inflatable Operators Training Organization) that requires a yearly training about safety requirements.

We are both inspected and insured, and we are a member of SIOTO.

When considering a bounce house company, the first question to ask is:

  • Are the units inspected and insured by the state of Texas for safety?

    • We are listed as FHB Entertainment Inc. DBA Firehouse Bounce
    •  Click this link – Texas Dept of Insurance to see if the company you are considering is doing business legally in the state of Texas. If not, your child’s safety is at risk.

If the company is not listed on this link, it is operating illegally. This means that the units are NOT inspected for safety, they are NOT insured, the operators are NOT trained in safe operations, and your child is NOT safe while on these units.

Do you clean your inflatables?

Yes, we take great pride in keeping our inflatables looking as new a possible.  Having a safe and clean environment is one of our top priorities. We use Virex spray, a hospital grade cleaner, to ensure our units are free of germs. 



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