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Rental Questions

What is included in the rental price?

Set-up and take-down are all included in our prices.

Delivery and sales tax are additional and will be added to the total on all orders.

If a set up area requires additional labor or equipment, such as tarps or sandbags, or if the set up area is unconventional, such as hills or set up distance over 100 feet from delivery vehicle, additional fees may be added to the total invoice amount.

If set up area is not free of pet waste and driver waits for clean up, an additional $35 fee will be added to total invoice amount. (Please note that our schedule does not always allow time for clean up of pet waste. We reserve the right to cancel set up due to pet waste.)

What cities are in your delivery area?

We deliver to these cities: Fate, Garland (East of 635), Heath, Lavon, Murphy, Nevada, Rockwall, Rowlett, Royse City, Sachse, and Wylie.

We deliver to the following zip codes: 75032, 75040, 75041, 75042, 75043, 75044, 75048, 75082, 78087, 75088, 75089, 75094, 75098, 75132, 75166, 75173, 75189.

Delivery fees vary depending on the location we are traveling to.

How do I check unit availability?

Our bounce houses are reserved on a first come, first serve basis. To check availability, call 214-729-4991 to discuss your preferred unit. If you submit a reservation request online, we schedule rentals according to date and time your request was received.

A credit card deposit is required to confirm your reservation request.

Once I submit a reservation request, when should I expect to hear from you?

Once your request is submitted, you will receive a generic message that has all the information you submitted. Please note: If you do not receive this email shortly after your submission, the email address you sent us may be incorrect. Please resubmit your request with a correct email or call us to discuss your reservation.

We will contact you either by phone or email within 24 hours of receiving a reservation request online to discuss your event.

How long do I get to use the bounce house?

Our rental rate is based on a 2-4 hour rental period. You may rent our units for extra time for an additional fee. We only guarantee your rental for the times listed on your reservation. If you need the inflatable earlier than the discussed delivery time or later than the pick up time, please state this when making your reservation.

The rental period does not include any time prior to your event allotted for delivery or time after the end time before we pick up. We reserve the right to pick up any bounce house as early as the end time stated, however, depending on scheduling, it may be picked up later.

How do I find out what the delivery and pick up times will be?

We will contact you 1-2 days prior to your event to collect full payment and to confirm delivery and pick up times based on your submitted request. Full payment is required prior to delivery. We will leave a message if you are unavailable. You MUST call back to confirm, to make full payment, and discuss timing, or we can not guarantee delivery.

What time will the jump house be delivered?

Our goal is to arrive at least one hour prior to the start time of your event in order to set up the unit, ensure that the unit is quality controlled, and to go over the set up checklist with our customers.

For backyard parties, we generally deliver within a 3 hour window prior to your start time. For churches, parks, schools, or corporate events, we coordinate delivery close to the start time while still allowing time for set up.

Our drivers are on a tight schedule due to multiple deliveries, therefore, it is extremely important that a contact person be available to meet our driver for set up instructions. One late customer can cause all of our deliveries to be late and stress for all other events.

What time do you pick up the bouncy house?

Events at parks, schools, churches, or other events at “unsecured” locations are given priority and picked up as close to event end time as possible. For backyard parties, specific pick up times are not guaranteed. We may arrive to pick up as early as the event end time.

During our event coordination call, we will discuss pick up times and will generally give you a 3 hour pick up window.

What do we do if our event ends earlier than planned?

If your event ends early, please contact us asap. We will make every effort to pick up early, however this isn’t guaranteed due to scheduling. You may need to wait until the original pick up time, if we don’t have a driver available for an early pick up.

Our customers are responsible for our units and equipment until they are picked up; please don’t leave them unattended.

Can I rent a unit for overnight?

We deliver and pick up on the same day because most of our units go out again the next day. If you require an overnight rental, you will be charged an additional days rental and any extra fees over the 6 hour period on the 2nd day.

How do I know if I have enough room for a bounce house?

We need a 36 inch entry to the yard. The size of each unit is listed on their web page. Add 3 feet to the unit measurements and this is how much room is needed for the unit to fit.

It is the renter’s responsibility to measure the set up area to ensure there is adequate space for the unit and to provide a flat, clean, and safe area for set up. Our drivers do not go up or down hills or stairs. Set up location must be easily accessible from our delivery trailer.

The area MUST be free from low-hanging trees, debris, sharp objects, and pet waste. We will NOT set up in an area deemed unsanitary due to pet waste. We will not set up on mud, gravel, or rocks.

If our driver is unable to set up for any reasons stated above, a cancellation fee will be charged to the customer.

Can you set up in the driveway or do you need grass?

We require concrete or grass on which to set up our inflatables. We do NOT set up on dirt, mud, or rocks. For safe set up on concrete, we use sandbags to secure the unit at an additional cost. We use stakes to secure the unit to grass, so you MUST direct us away from sprinkler lines. It is the customer’s responsibility to tell our drivers where sprinkler systems are so they can be avoided. We are not responsible for any sprinkler system damages as per the signed contract.

Please inform us asap of any changes, especially from grass to concrete, so that we can bring the proper securing equipment. Last minute changes may cause extreme delays in set up.

What are the electricity requirements for a bounce house?

Our customers are responsible for providing proper power. Each blower requires a 20-amp circuit. Other items should not be plugged into this circuit. We provide one 100 foot electrical cord. Generators are available for rent prior to the event day if a power source is not available or not within 100 feet of a power source.

We are not liable for power issues and will not troubleshoot any electrical issues encountered at the event site because it causes delays for all other events. In the event of power issues, we can discuss whether the event will go on or whether it will be canceled. If canceled, NO refund will be issued.

Is a deposit required?

A 50% deposit is required for all orders over $500 . This deposit is non-refundable unless we decide to cancel your delivery due to severe weather.

How do I make a payment?

You may pay in full at any time prior to the event either on our website or by calling 214-729-4991. Our units will NOT be set up until full payment is received.

What is your cancellation and refund policy?

Full refunds are given for cancellations due to severe weather, such as rain, wind, or cold. As long as we are notified prior to the delivery driver leaving the warehouse.

For other cancellations, 7 days prior to the reservation date, we will issue a refund for the rental fee minus the $50 deposit within 7-10 days.

Any cancellations within 7 days of the event is non-refundable. We may apply your payments to a later event.

What if the unit is damaged at our party?

Our customer is responsible for damages to our unit and extra cleaning charges due to misuse while under their supervision.

Cleaning charges of $125 will apply if any gum, food, candy, confetti, mud, etc are found on the inflatable.

A charge of the cost to replace the unit will be applied if silly string is found on the unit or any other irreversible damage is done to our units.

Is adult supervision required?

Adult supervision is required at all times for the safety of the persons using our equipment. Safety is discussed on our rental contract and we require a signature stating you have received and understand the instructions.

Injuries may occur when these rules aren’t followed properly. We will not be held liable for injuries per our signed rental contract.

Do you supply staff to stay at my party and supervise?

We can supply attendants for your event at an additional cost. We must have sufficient notification that an attendant is needed in order to ensure availability.




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