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Staff day at Rowlett Health and Rehabilitation!

Firehouse Bounce is partnering with Rowlett Health and Rehabilitation to bring the fun to their staff. Great fun filled day with activities, food and friends!  Great time to dunk the Director!  So wind up the throwing arm and give it your best shot!  Follow that up with a couple of hot dogs, soft drinks and de-stressifying socializing, with distancing, of course.  Firehouse Bounce provided our premiere dunk tank for an afternoon of stress relief and just plain fun!  At Firehouse Bounce, you set up the party…we’ll bring the fun! 

Kind words from another satisfied client!!

Brittni Rand Jones recommends Firehouse Bounce.

Firehouse Bounce came to the rescue when another company let us down. Luis was extremely kind and professional! We highly recommend using Firehouse for all your inflatable needs.

A message from Firehouse Bounce

Friends, we find ourselves in a time that is riddled with fear, uncertainty, and injustice. And in this time, it is important to remind ourselves that although our journey is what has formed our reality and our morals and beliefs, we need to at least try to imagine walking someone else’s journey.  To try to imagine their reality.  Perhaps pushing back on our own understanding if just for a moment to try to understand and empathize.  Sometimes all it takes is one moment to irreversibly alter a destiny.  For good, or for bad.

One of the most important take aways from recent events is that one single moment in time sparked a destiny that perhaps did not have to happen. The opportunity from this tragedy has been to empower us to learn more about our neighbor, and their struggles, fears and challenges.  We believe that it is through learning more about you neighbors and truly listening to them, that meaningful relationships can be made.

Our country is hurting and change is needed. As with all changes, it must start within us.  We must initiate it, nurture it and let it guide our thoughts and actions.  But we cannot do it alone.  It cannot be unilateral or one sided.  We are stronger together than we are apart. We need each other, with our differences and similarities, to truly be great as a community and as a nation.  So now, more than ever, we stand with you to set an example in the community.

Firehouse Bounce was formed with the mission to “bring the fun” to all who invite us to their home, business, community, school or church.  Let it be perfectly clear; we do not condone or tolerate racism, bigotry or facism of any kind, hatred, violence, or any inferences of these things.

We are hopeful that this time of discord, distrust and anger will be resolved soon.


Kind words from our Customers!

Stefanie Thorne

1 hour ago
Firehouse Bounce provided my son with the best birthday experience. They are extremely polite, friendly, punctual, sanitary, and accommodating. My son’s party was originally scheduled for Saturday (rain day) and they graciously allowed me to reschedule for the following day with no problems. I cannot thank them enough for detail and cleanliness that they put into everything. They sterilize everything when they break it down and again before setting it up which I greatly appreciate, especially during these times.


Kind words from our Tremendous Clients!

Becky Alice Welch Thanks to Luis Castillo over at Firehouse Bounce for taking care of us! He totally cleans and santizes all of his bounce houses and makes sure they are safe. Only immediate family members can use then when you rent them. They are great!!! Luis is a RC parent and also an excellent business owner. Our family uses him as well and we always have a great experience!  He is awesome! We have known each other a long time. He has helped a lot with our Charity’s events in the past and PTA. 


Dallas County has been hit the hardest in North Texas by the Coronavirus. Fortunately, things are starting to look up as deaths and new cases start to level off and Dallas County is on pace for the least deadly week since the pandemic started. Although grim, this is huge news!

The article states: “Today’s numbers of positive cases are around the same level that we’ve seen for the last 10 days and today’s numbers of deaths, while significant and sad, still leave us on pace to have a less deadly week than last week,” said Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins. Click here to see the article

As we look at the timeline of Coronavirus, these numbers help us understand the scope of the virus – the impact is decreasing!

Have a great Friday and a great weekend!

COVID Cabin Fever? 10 Ways to Connect with Your Kids

Dads, all of us need to realize that our kids are watching. And how we respond during this crazy pandemic season is going to impact how they will respond to various crises in their own lives for decades to come.

No pressure, Dad. But you have a bit of a balancing act to do. You need to protect your family which means being firm and authoritarian. While at the same time, expressing optimism and hope. One strategy would be to see this season as a gift. Is that too hard to imagine?

Consider this: The coronavirus pandemic just might be a chance for you to open new doors of communication with your kids about how to handle disappointments and hardships. Help them see how taking a long-term optimistic view is a valuable skill.

Don’t be annoyingly cheerful or starry-eyed. That can backfire, especially with teenagers. But this is your chance to show your children that when life gives you lemons, with a little discipline and follow through, it really is possible to make lemonade.

One of my favorite questions to ask when I consider any significant life event is, “How is God going to use this?” If you’re a person of faith, you know He can and will eventually bring good out of all our experiences … as He defines “good,” of course.

We may not see God’s ultimate purpose for a long time. Still, in the midst of the global battle against COVID-19, let’s expect to find a glimmer of hope.

If your kids are older and you’re up for a serious theological debate, go ahead and tackle the ponderous question of why the coronavirus—or any natural disaster—sweeps across our land. But for most dads, simply taking advantage of this time to engage your kids in a new way should be considered a great victory.

With that in mind, here are ten unexpected ways to connect with your kids:

1. Pull out your old yearbook … and let them laugh at you.

2. Pull out your old albums (on vinyl, 8-track, cassette, or CD). Play your favorite classics and scrutinize the lyrics. If you concede that some lyrics are a little nasty, you may find yourself in an interesting discussion.

3. Play hopscotch. (If you step on a line with your giant feet, you lose!)

4. Teach some mad skill you learned decades ago. Consider ukulele, harmonica, juggling, spinning a basketball, twisting balloon animals, nunchucks, Rubik’s cubing, playing the spoons, hanging a spoon from your nose, drawing caricatures, whistling with your fingers, identifying some constellations, reciting the alphabet backwards, learning the ASL alphabet, shadow puppets, moonwalking, or anything else you mastered in your youth but your kids never knew you could do.

5.  Commit to learning one or two of the above mad skills together!

6. Have them choose ANY color and let them paint their bedroom. (Giving you the chance to teach them all about the importance of prep, masking, patching, drop cloths, brush and roller technique, and cleanup.)

7.  Let them teach you all the best tricks and strategies of their favorite video game.

8.  Look for silly (or deep) poems online: “Casey at the Bat,” “Jabberwocky,” “My Shadow,” “Purple Cow,” “We Real Cool,” “In Flanders Field,” “The Road Not Taken,” or anything by Shel Silverstein, Jack Prelutksy, Robert Frost, or Gwendolyn Brooks.

9. Make stilts.  (When your fourth grader elevates ten inches they’ll be looking you in the eye!)

10. Brainstorm ideas for a family vacation for when this thing is over.

Dad, when you look back at 2020, it really is possible for you to remember a crazy season that brought your family closer than ever. But that won’t happen without you being intentional about engaging with your kids. You can do it, Dad. Be well.

by Jay Payleitner

City of Rockwall to Keep Pools Closed This Summer Due to COVID-19

The city of Rockwall says they will not open public pools this summer at Gloria Williams Park and Harry Myers Park due to COVID-19.

pool generic

“Based on the current Stay-At-Home order and uncertainty of when those conditions will change, the proper training of life guards cannot be conducted in a timely manner to provide this recreation amenity to the public,” the city said in a statement.  The city said that once public health restrictions are lifted there will be, “many other exciting recreation opportunities to enjoy.”   That’s where we come in!  Firehouse Bounce has multiple water slides to choose from, so if you cannot go to the water fun, we’ll bring the water fun to you!  Call today to book your water slide 214.729.4991.  www.firehousebounce.com.  info@firehousebounce.com

Staying positive during difficult times!!!

The spread of COVID-19 has caused our minds to be flooded with negativity, fortunately, there is good news out there! Our goal is to shed light on some of the things we might miss due to our preoccupied minds – the POSITIVE news surrounding this virus. We are living in unprecedented times.  Our outlook may tend to take on a negative tone…I get it.  With everything we hear about how grim the future will be and how we have given up what we once knew as normal,  it’s hard to be that beacon of hope, determination and assuredness.  With all that said, we at Firehouse Bounce aim to be a beacon of light for our Family and Friends.

In order to brighten your day, take a look at Some Good News (SGN).


Weekly good news with John Krasinski is important right now. John’s YouTube Channel has taken off in the past couple weeks due to his weekly lifting up of society.

This week in Some Good News:

  • A boys birthday wish for a Jeep parade is answered
  • Captain Tom Moore receives tens of thousands of birthday cards for his 100th birthday
  • A family in Hartford that makes up for the cancellation of the Olympic games
  • Two girls in California that compliment people from their driveway
  • A man gets a lift bucket to see his wife in a nursing home on their 61st anniversary

These stories and more in this installment of Some Good News. Click here to watch this weeks episode

We’re all in this together and together, we’ll get back to normal.  We hope this video makes your day a little bit brighter.


Texas’ stay-at-home order to expire Thursday, businesses to reopen in phases starting Friday

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott detailed plans on Monday to reopen the state for business amid the coronavirus pandemic – allowing places like retail stores, restaurants and movie theaters to open up to customers at a limited capacity by Friday May 1.  Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick said wearing masks will be encouraged, but will not be required.  The move by Abbot puts Texas – the country’s second-largest economy behind California – at the forefront of the movement to reopen state economies that have been basically brought to a standstill as the U.S. grapples with the outbreak of COVID-19.  “We’re not just going to pen up and hope for the best,” Abbott said during a news conference on Monday in Austin. “We’re going to open in way that will also contain the virus and keep us safe.”

He added: “A more strategic approach is required so that we don’t open only to close down again.”  Along with retail stores, restaurants and movie theaters, Abbott said that museums and libraries can also reopen on Friday at a 25 percent capacity. Sole proprietors of businesses can also open and doctors and dentists can resume normal operations as well.

Abbott added that hospitals will still have to keep 50 percent of their capacity for patients suffering from COVID-19.  Churches and places of worship, which were allowed to remain open during the state’s stay-at-home orders, are also allowed to expand their capacity provided safe social distancing measures are still enacted.  The governor’s plan, which he said has the backing of both state and federal health officials, is part of larger strategy in Texas to gradually reopen businesses. Abbott noted that by May 18, if there are no new spikes of contagion in Texas than he will move on to phase two of the plan, which allows businesses to operate at 50 percent capacity.

From Foxnews.com – The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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