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Terms of Service

Customer agreed previously on rental reservation form to pay a deposit amount of $50.00 to confirm reservation of unit, upon signing this agreement. All remaining fees are due prior to delivery. Customer agreed to pay a 3% fee for all credit card transactions.

We will not sell or distribute card holder information.

The following is a brief overview of our rental contract. The full contract will be emailed with the reservation confirmation.

1. CANCELLATIONS: Customer will receive a full refund for any cancellation within seven (7) days of reservation. Any refunds requested after seven (7) days from reservation shall be paid by Firehouse Bounce, only in a gift certificate and/or credit to be applied to a future rental of Inflatable Equipment. $50 deposits are non-refundable except for Firehouse Bounce cancelling due to threat of severe weather.


(A.) Firehouse Bounce will make every effort to ensure that every delivery is made as agreed, however, Texas weather can be unpredictable and the safety of the attendees is the primary concern of Firehouse Bounce. Therefore, Firehouse Bounce will closely monitor the weather forecast for the agreed rental date. If the forecast calls for inclement weather, including but not limited to rain, lightning, hail, wind speeds exceeding the Unit’s manufacturer’s guidelines, (and/or 20 MPH) – or if it has recently rained and the unit(s) cannot be safely set up due to standing water or other inherent dangers, or if in the judgment of Firehouse Bounce the risk of proceeding with the event would prove to be unsafe, Firehouse Bounce reserves the right to cancel the event without prior notice. Firehouse Bounce will however make every effort to communicate the decision with the Lessee as soon as it is practical.

(B.) If Lessee and Firehouse Bounce agree to cancel the scheduled event PRIOR TO the delivery of the rented inflatable Unit(s), a full refund of any deposit amount or payment in full will be issued to Lessee within 7 to 10 business days.

(C.) If Lessee and Firehouse Bounce agree to proceed with the scheduled event due to an apparent break in weather or window of opportunity and if in the judgment of Lessee and Firehouse Bounce, it is safe to proceed with the scheduled event, NO REFUND OF ANY KIND WILL BE ISSUED TO LESSEE AFTER DELIVERY OF THE UNIT FOR ANY REASON WHATSOEVER.

3. DELIVERY: Firehouse Bounce, agrees to deliver and set up the Unit to the address listed below. Lessee grants Firehouse Bounce and its employees, the right to enter the property (identified as the address listed below) for delivery and pickup of rented Inflatable Equipment at the times designated by Firehouse Bounce.

4. AGREEMENT TO FOLLOW GENERAL RULES: Customer acknowledges the receipt of the General Rules of Operation, (which are attached to and incorporated herein by this reference) with this Rental Agreement. Customer further agrees to be bound by the General Rules of Operation as if set forth verbatim in this Rental Agreement.

5. SUPERVISION: Customer agrees to maintain adult supervision for any and all users of the Unit while Customer is in possession of the Unit. Customer shall be in charge of operation of the Unit and is fully responsible for proper operation and care after receiving the Unit.

6. RELEASE OF LIABILITY: By signing “Release Of Liability,” Customer hereby acknowledges that there are inherent risks associated with participation on the Unit; and, Customer, on behalf of himself/herself and any users of the Unit while in Customer’s possession, knowingly and freely assumes all such risks, both known and unknown, including those that may arise out of the negligence of other users, for users of the Unit while Unit is in Customer’s possession; and, Customer, on behalf of himself/herself and the users of the Unit while in Customer’s possession and their respective heirs, assigns, administrators, personal representatives, and next of kin hereby release and hold harmless Firehouse Bounce, their affiliates, officers, shareholders, directors, employees, and other participants from and against any and all claims, injuries, liabilities or damages arising out of or related to the use of Unit while Unit is in the possession of Customer.


8. Customer is responsible for the replacement value of the Unit in the event of theft, vandalism, fire or any act that may damage or destroy the Unit, while in the care and possession of the Customer.

9. Customer is responsible for returning all equipment and property in same condition as received.

10. If a check is returned as unpaid, the amount of the check, plus an additional $45.00 service fee must be paid in cash when notified. If payment is not received in ten (10) days of notification, the check will be turned over to an attorney for collection of all outstanding fees and any additional fees, including attorney fees and court costs.

11. Failure to observe terms in this agreement, or failure to make payment, or failure to have Firehouse Bounce, equipment available for return per agreement, shall make Customer liable to Firehouse Bounce for an additional one day rental fee, per day, until all equipment is returned in proper working order. This includes any additional court, legal and/or attorney fees incurred in order to obtain return of the rented property.

12. By signing this agreement, it is the intent of all parties that they are entering into a legally binding and enforceable contract. All parties agree that the terms of the contract are to be construed in accordance with Texas law. All parties also agree that any litigation between the parties concerning this agreement shall be filed in Collin County, Texas.

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