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Bouncy House Slide Combo – Happy Caterpillar

Multiple activities for kids to enjoy

It features a large jumping area, climbing wall, and large slide. This inflatable is always a hit with young and older kids! We understand that the “caterpillar” theme may throw you. It’s the uniqueness of the layout of the bouncy house slide combo that sets it apart from the others. This unit is long with the entrance and exit both on the side, so the kids don’t even notice the caterpillar face when they are playing. Trust us, they won’t care when they are having a great time. Our kids are teenagers and this is one of their favorite units! 

Firehouse Bounce operates with safety in mind.

We are trained professionals that hold safety certifications. Our units are inspected by the state of TX for safety each year, and we carry liability insurance. We can assure you that not all bounce house rental companies are created equal. Unfortunately, many operate without proper licensing, liability insurance, and safety certifications, placing your child in harm’s way. 

When we set up your unit, you will notice that we use stakes to secure your bounce house to grassy areas. For grassy areas, it is imperative that our customer notifies us of hidden sprinkler lines!  We utilize sandbags with steel clips to secure our units on concrete. We use the properly weighted sandbags to ensure your unit will not blow away.  However, if high wind gusts or sustained winds are present we cannot safely allow children to use the bounce house. We can’t control the weather, therefore, a cancellation due to bad weather is 100% refundable. Please see Terms of Service section 2 for our bad weather policy. 

Please monitor your children in the bounce house at all times. Too many kids in the unit at one time, rough housing, flipping, leaning of the side wall of the unit all put your child’s safety at risk.  Also, please do not allow food in the bounce house; it is a safety hazard. Each customer is responsible for returning all equipment and property in same condition as received.

31′ wide x 10′ long  x 13′ tall

Rental Fee $180 


 bouncy house slide combo happy caterpillar

bouncy house slide combo happy caterpillar

bouncy house slide combo happy caterpillar

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